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Volunteer Tech Tutor at Lifelines Project

Volunteering Matters is a national charity creating and supporting volunteer-led projects across the UK. Our Lifelines project focuses on activities and support for people aged over 50 across the city, with the aim of improving health and wellbeing, as well as combating loneliness and isolation.

What does the opportunity involve doing?

Role Description:

Role Description:
To provide a weekly support session to a ‘Tech Trainee’. The sessions can be held in a public space such as a library; quiet café or a Council Senior Housing Scheme. They can also be held remotely. The trainee will have a tablet provided by Lifelines or their own equipment and your role will be to help them get used to the basic functions and to learn how to do things like search the internet; set up and connect to a video call; play social games online or use internet shopping services.
There is also scope for a more ad hoc role, being available as and when to connect online to play games or to support people to join online activities.

Outline of responsibilities:

Agreeing a rough ‘action plan’ of what the Tech Trainee might like to learn and supporting them to achieve these goals
Scheduling and carrying out a weekly support session
Recording the details of your sessions in a weekly log for the trainee to look back on at the end of the course
Being aware of any safeguarding issues that might arise and reporting these back if you have any concerns

What induction, training and support is offered?

We will provide you with a full induction and training session for the role, focusing on the practicalities of carrying out the role and other crucial areas such as safeguarding.
Further training opportunities will be offered as and when available.
Ongoing support will be provided by the Volunteer Manager and project staff.

What skills or qualities are needed?

Volunteer Requirements

An interest in working with people aged 50 and over
Confidence in using technology including android tablets (you do not need to be an expert but should be confident in looking up how to do things that might be new to you). We will also provide you with support and suggestions
Good levels of self-organisation and reliability
Able to commit to volunteering for a period of at least 3 months
Two professional references

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Date added

9th June 2021


Lifelines Project


Can be done at home
City wide

Deadline for applications

31 Oct 2023


Older people


Befriending Teaching/training Volunteering with computers

Disabled access?


Expenses paid?


Childcare available?


Contact name

Will / Theresa Anjos / McIvor

Phone number

01273 688 117 (answerphone only; someone will get back to you)

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