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Enso Mentor

The Enso Mentoring Project consists of a team of specialist professionals who recruit, train, and manage volunteers working with high risk offenders. All volunteers working for Enso Mentoring receive initial and ongoing training and are professionally supervised. Enso Mentoring is first and foremost a public protection project working with and for the community. The project is based on the principles of inclusion, restorative justice and bringing together the community to enhance public safety.

What does the opportunity involve doing?

Enso Mentoring works collaboratively with the National Health Service and National Probation Service as part of their Intensive Integrated Risk Management Service (IIRMS). This service is for individuals who have been screened into the Offender Personality Disorder (OPD) pathway and have been identified as needing significant support to enable them to reduce the risk they pose and resettle safely. Volunteers work either in pairs or in a group to support service users to resettle safely into the community after being in prison, and take steps towards a positive, non-offending future.

Volunteering usually includes weekly meetings with service users in a group setting, but can also include writing letters, phone contact and prison visits. We ask volunteers to be available to support our service users for around a year, but this can be flexible, depending on personal circumstances.

What induction, training and support is offered?

All new volunteers will attend an initial training event. They will then be professionally supervised, supported and will also have access to counselling should this be deemed appropriate.

What skills or qualities are needed?

We are looking for empathic, non-judgemental individuals from all walks of life, who have an interest in community safety and supporting others, and who themselves have a firm set of personal boundaries. Volunteers need to be resilient, pro-active and have good listening and communication skills.

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10 Apr 2021


Prisoners, offenders and their families People with mental health problems People with drugs/alcohol problems


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Ashleigh Palombo