Pelican Parcels

Our vision is a community in which families and carers all have the essentials for their children.
Pelican Parcels is a charity that takes pre-loved and new item donations for babies and children up to age 10, and redistributes them to families facing financial hardship via various existing family services on a referral basis in Brighton & Hove in Sussex.

In the most recent Child Poverty Index it was estimated that 19.6% of Brighton & Hove’s dependent children are living in poverty. Brighton & Hove as a city has high rates of children in need, in care and with child protection plans and/or who have been referred to children’s social care services.

Pelican Parcels aims to provide excellent quality essentials from cots and clothes, toys and books, prams and play mats for families from birth up to the age of 10. Please see our website for a full list of items that can be donated,

All donations go directly to the families at no cost to them.

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Unit 9, Industrial House
Conway Street