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Volunteer Shopper at Lifelines (Volunteering Matters)

Volunteering Matters is a national charity creating and supporting volunteer-led projects across the UK.

Our Lifelines project focuses on activities and support for older people across the city, with the aim of improving health and wellbeing, as well as combating loneliness and isolation.

What does the opportunity involve doing?

Role Description:

To provide a weekly shopping service for someone who needs this support due to shielding or otherwise finding it difficult to get to the shops. In this role, you will call the person you are supporting to get their list, do the shopping and bring it to their doorstep (maintaining appropriate social distancing and precautions).

This role began as a response to the COVID-19 outbreak, in recognition of the increased levels of difficulty faced by many older people needing to shield and lacking additional support to help meet basic everyday needs.

Outline of responsibilities

⦁ Deciding upon a mutually agreeable time to do the shopping and sticking to this each week. Contacting the Volunteer Manager in the case that something happens to disrupt this
⦁ Conducting your shopping and delivery of shopping safely and efficiently, minimising the exposure to risk to yourself and the person you shop for
⦁ Double-checking that you have bought all of the items on your shoppee’s list (or suitable alternatives) and photographing receipts to be emailed to the Volunteer Manager
⦁ Being aware of any safeguarding issues that might arise and reporting these back if you have any concerns

What induction, training and support is offered?

Full training and an induction for the role will be provided. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our staff are working from home and your induction will take place remotely using video conferencing software.

Ongoing support is provided by a Volunteer Manager, who will be available to discuss any issues or concerns that arise as a result of your volunteer role.

There will also be opportunities to meet and socialise with other volunteers and for peer support.

What skills or qualities are needed?

- An interest in working with older people
- Full, clean driving licence and access to a car (that you are insured on) required
- You must be able to pay for the shopping in advance as you will be reimbursed after you have shopped (shopping is limited to a maximum of £30 per shop for a single person and £45 for a household of more than one)
- Good levels of self-organisation and reliability
- Able to shop for at least one beneficiary per week
- Able to commit to volunteering for a period of at least 3 months
- A commitment to and understanding of health and safety and
minimising risk (especially in relation to COVID-19)
- Two professional references

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Deadline for applications

31 Mar 2021


Older people


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Thelo Clarke

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