Treasurer at The Kanji Project Registered Charity No. 1090901

The Kanji Project is a small UK charity run entirely by volunteers. We raise funds to give poor children in Tamil Nadu, India, the chance of a good education and a safe place to live.

What does the opportunity involve doing?

Treasurer Vacancy
The Kanji Project aims to promote education and relieve poverty in Southern India. It is a small, volunteer-run charity which raises funds to support a school and children’s home in Tamil Nadu. It also supports community initiatives including a day centre for children with learning disabilities.
The Role
The roll of treasurer to the Kanji Project includes: -
attending Trustee meetings
liaising with other Trustees between meetings by phone and by email
reading documents that are circulated
taking responsibility (after a suitable induction period) for the financial management of the charity’s activities, including: -
ensuring donations and sponsorships are in order
transferring money to the supported projects in Kanji
managing the payment of expenses
managing financial reserves
Keeping track of the charity’s financial viability
Essential Attributes
The Treasurer needs: -
to be supportive of the aims of the charity
to be a Trustee
to attend Trustee meetings held approximately every six weeks in and around Brighton
to be confident using email, MS Word, and the internet
to be confident in keeping track of financial information
to have previous experience as a Treasurer or of management of financial records
Trustee Eligibility
To be eligible to be a Trustee you must: -
be at least 18 years of age
not be disqualified according to the criteria set out in the Charities Act 2011 for more information and we’ll get back to you.

What induction, training and support is offered?

Training and support will be given by the Trustees

What skills or qualities are needed?

To have previous experience as a Treasurer or of management of financial records.

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Deadline for applications

30 Jun 2020


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Administration/finance/fundraising Being a committee member/trustee Volunteering as part of a team Volunteering with computers

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Rod Thick

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