Research and Campaigns volunteers at Lewes District Citizens Advice

We give advice on a wide range of areas including debt, benefits, housing, consumer, family issues, employment and immigration. Our twin aims are to help to give people the information and advice they need but also to do research and campaign on issues that we are highlighted in our work, so we will feed this back to policymakers locally and nationally. It is the campaigning part of the organisation's work that we are seeking volunteers for.

What does the opportunity involve doing?

You will complete an introduction to Citizens Advice and training for your role

- identify common, or unfair, problems that clients come for help about

- help volunteers and staff in the local Citizens Advice understand the cause of the problem, how it affects
clients, and what change would solve the problem (by talking to them, or writing a summary)

- help to organise a campaign with the aim of raising awareness of the problem. This might involve creating materials, such as newsletters, or presentations, or writing something for social media or newspaper, which could be used to explain the problems to others (such as local councillors, or members of the public)

- help to organise a campaign with the aim of getting the organisation (person or elected body such as MP, AM or local councillor) that is causing the problem, to change the way they do things. This could mean meeting with the organisation, person or elected body, writing to them or holding an event

-help national Citizens Advice carry out research about how certain issues affect clients in your local area. This might involve doing a survey with clients to find out how a change in a benefit is affecting them

This will help you to build on valuable skills such as communication, research, campaigns, how to engage with a range of audiences

It will increase your employability

It will have a positive impact in your community and on broader society

What induction, training and support is offered?

We have an extensive and thorough training programme where you will be supported throughout by a trainer and also by the research and campaigns coordinator. We have a once a week intensive training programme for volunteers advisers which the R & C volunteer would join - this is an hour and a half commitment currently on a Friday morning. You could then start on the next stage of training in sessions at Newhaven, our main office, on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, where your work would be overseen and supported.

What skills or qualities are needed?

What do you need to have?

You don’t need specific qualifications or skills but you’ll need to:

be friendly and approachable

respect views, values and cultures that are different to your own

have excellent verbal and written communication skills

be able to understand complex information and explain it (verbally and writing) so that others understand it

have a positive attitude towards research and campaigns, keeping up to date with current issues, and sharing your knowledge

have good IT skills

be willing to learn about and follow the Citizens Advice aims, principles and policies, including confidentiality and data protection

be willing to undertake training in your role

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26th September 2022


15-19 Chapel Street

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31 Dec 2022


A campaigning group


Advocacy/advice Volunteering as part of a team

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Deborah Harris

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