Planning Reopening

Just to update you we have a provisional reopening for Community Base Reception of Monday 7th September. We are constantly monitoring the situation and will update this as the weeks progress. Our top priority is the safety and wellbeing of all visitors and staff.

We have put many measures in place and below is a few photos of how the building is currently looking with these changes:

  • Reception has a perspex screen around it.

  • Seating removed in reception area to aid social distancing, and there will be a queuing system in place when entering the building.

  • There is hand santiser to use before going through the doors, and we encourage everyone to do this before touching any doors and handles

  • Communal areas in the building have been covered over for the time being.

  • We also ask that when we do reopen everyone wears a mask inside the building in communal area, unless of course you are exempt from wearing one.

We will continue to update our website and confirm our reopening date nearer the time.