Our partnerships

Citizens UK

Community Base is partnered with Brighton & Hove Citizens, a community organising group comprised of schools, colleges, universities, unions, faith and community organisations. Our collective membership represents over 50,000 people across Brighton & Hove.  

B&H Citizens is a local chapter of a national movement called Citizens UK, which is the largest network of civil society institutions across Europe. 

We have been active in two campaigns: 

  • The living wage campaign, focusing on getting the real living wage for all council workers, and for local carer workers 
  • A new housing campaign, focusing on affordability and accountability for renters 

We have started to run regular ‘House Meetings’ which are informal lunchtime discussions for Community Base tenants around the issues that affect us locally. So far, we’ve had House Meetings about housing, the living wage, mental health, and racial harassment. 

Email reception or pop round to Olivia’s office for a chat if you have any questions or would like to get involved! 

Citizens Assembly – negotiating with council candidates ahead of local elections


Community Base is partnered with BrightonSoup. BrightonSoup run events where small local community projects pitch for seed funding. 

What is a ‘Soup’?

  • A very sociable and interactive occasion!
  • Audience members (local people) hear pitches from 4 small community groups.
  • After the pitches, the audience enjoys a selection of delicious home-made soups and breads, and buys tickets for a raffle of prizes. While votes are being counted, a local music act performs. Pitchers have the opportunity to talk to the audience and make connections.
  • At the end of the evening the ballots are counted and the winner is awarded the money raised (from the £5 entry tickets + raffle and extra donations) to fund their project – usually £500-£1,000.

BrightonSoup benefits more than just the winning project, however. Projects that apply to pitch are offered pitch training with feedback, social media training, and on the night runners up are often offered donations, given advice on where to get funding, and make new connections with local groups. 

Community Base host BrightonSoup events in the Conference Room 4 or more times a year.

Community Buildings Network

Community Base is a part of the Brighton & Hove Community Buildings Network, which has over 35 community buildings of all kinds in its membership.

CBN gives its members the opportunity to meet and share information and skills around running community spaces in the city, supporting each other to thrive. The website holds an archive of resources for managing community buildings.

CBN welcomes new applications for membership, see here for more information.