Room Hire Contract

Contract For Use Of Community Base Meeting Rooms

Group name: [GROUP-NAME]
Group type: [GROUP-TYPE]
Phone number: [GROUP-PHONE]

Bookings and Payment

  1. The group agrees TO PAY THE CORRECT RATE for all bookings as stated on the website and to inform Community Base if its status changes, paying the correct rate applicable on the day the booking is made for.
  2. The group agrees NOT TO MAKE BOOKINGS ON BEHALF OF ANY OTHER GROUP, company, project, organisation, government body, quango, consortium, partnership or other entity with an identity in the public domain.
  3. Tenant/Licensee Customers

    Groups that are licensees or sub-let tenants at Community Base:

    1. are invoiced quarterly in arrears.
    2. can self-service cancel their bookings up to 7 day in advance of the booking date.
    3. must give at least 24 HOURS’ NOTICE of changes and cancellation in order not to be charged for their bookings.

    When not making a self-service cancellation, notice of cancellation must be given by emailing

  4. Pay At Booking Customers

    Groups that are NOT licensees or sub-let tenants at Community Base and pay for their bookings at the time of booking:

    1. must give ONE WEEKS’ NOTICE of changes and cancellation in order to receive a full refund.
    2. must give 24 HOURS’ NOTICE of changes and cancellation in order to receive a 50% refund.

    Notice of cancellation must be given by emailing

  5. Invoice in Advance Customers

    Groups that are NOT licensees or sub-let tenants at Community Base and are invoiced in advance of their bookings:

    1. can self-service cancel their bookings up to 7 day in advance of the booking date
    2. are invoiced 7 days before the date of their room booking, at which point the booking cannot be changed or cancelled
    3. must PAY FOR ALL ROOM BOOKINGS THEY ARE INVOICED FOR (whether the group uses the booking or not) by cheque or bank transfer (in which case the invoice number must be used as the BACS reference).

Safety and Security

  1. The group agrees NOT TO LET ANYONE INTO COMMUNITY BASE other than people attending the group’s activities.
  2. The group agrees to ensure the SAFETY AND SECURITY of people and property in Community Base; for example, the group agrees not to block fire exits, not to cover heaters, to use electrical appliances safely, only to smoke in designated areas and to use the balcony safely.
  3. The group agrees to ensure that everyone entering Community Base as a result of the group’s use of Community Base is aware of and adheres to Community Base’s FIRE EVACUATION PROCEDURE. The fire evacuation procedure is that when the fire alarm sounds everyone should immediately evacuate the building by the nearest fire exit, without using a lift, and go to the fire assembly point, south along Queens Road by Brighthelm Gardens. No one should attempt to re-enter the building until authorised to do so by the Fire Service or Community Base staff.
  4. The group agrees to appoint people to be responsible for ensuring that all those WITH LIMITED MOBILITY and other disabilities attending the group’s activities, including wheelchair users, can leave the building safely if the fire alarm is sounded.
  5. The group agrees that in the event of any EMERGENCY or concern about safety it will immediately contact Community Base reception on (01273) 234000 or extension 1200 or, if reception is closed, our security company on 0845 0702 407

Use of Meeting Rooms

  1. The group agrees to ensure that NO MORE THAN 100 people use the South Wing conference room and no more than 12 people use South Wing two or three.
  2. The group must include time to set up and the clear the room within the booking time. There is antibacterial spray and blue roll available to clean surfaces.
  3. The group accepts that Community Base is not responsible for ensuring that the group’s equipment is compatible with the CONFERENCE ROOM PROJECTOR.
  4. The group agrees NOT TO USE DISPOSABLE PLATES, CROCKERY, CUTLERY OR DRINK CONTAINERS in the conference room and agrees to wash up, dry and put away all plates, crockery, cutlery, tumblers and mugs provided by Community Base.
  5. The group agrees to leave all rooms and areas within Community Base CLEAN AND TIDY, cleaning whiteboards and flipcharts, removing its property, putting all rubbish in bins or recycling bins and returning all furniture and equipment in the conference room to the places specified on the notice in the conference room.
  6. The group agrees NOT TO DAMAGE any Community Base property, to immediately inform Community Base of any such damage and to pay Community Base the cost of making good any damage or loss caused by the group.
  7. The group agrees NOT TO PUT UP ANY NOTICES OR SIGNS outside, or in any part of, Community Base without the written permission of Community Base or use Blu Tac or similar material on any surface in Community Base.
  8. The group agrees to return BUILDING ACCESS CARDS issued to it by Community Base promptly.
  9. The group agrees to ensure that NO ANIMALS are allowed into Community Base; with the exception of assistance dogs.
  10. The group agrees NOT TO CAUSE DISRUPTION to people outside any rooms it books.
  11. Community Base cannot be held responsible if the wi-fi is not working.


  1. The group, unless licensing space at Community Base, agrees that the person signing this agreement will be the group’s sole CONTACT PERSON WITH COMMUNITY BASE and, if the group’s contact person changes, to give contact details of the new contact to Community Base.
  2. The group agrees not to use Community Base for any purpose that is ILLEGAL.
  3. The group agrees NOT TO HOLD COMMUNITY BASE LIABLE for any loss, damage, theft or injury arising out of the group’s use of Community Base or for any loss due to Community Base cancelling a booking or being unavailable for whatever reason.
  4. The group agrees that Community Base can WITHDRAW PERMISSION for the group to use its meeting rooms at any time.
  5. The group agrees to abide by any CHANGES IN THESE RULES Community Base notifies to it in writing or by email.


  1. Any group, who is not a licensee, will need to collect a swipe card to access the building prior to their booking, if reception closed. The group agrees to return the card to reception after the booking. The group will be charge £5 if the card is not returned.

Additional Guidelines in Place During a Pandemic

When using the meeting rooms in Community Base, please note the following guidelines in relation to a pandemic:

  1. Our reception maybe closed or have reduced opening times.
  2. Do not visit the building if you have any Covid-19 symptoms.
  3. Please adhere to the government guidelines on social distancing, mask wearing, hand washing etc.
  4. Please keep as many windows and doors open as possible to maximise airflow and ventilation and ensure they are closed securely after use.
  5. It is the meeting organisers/hosts’ responsibility to ensure the safety of their staff and visitors.
  6. If possible, please go directly to your booked meeting room via the South Wing door.
  7. Please make arrangements for meeting participants to be received via the intercom on the South Wing door or by going to meet them to escort them through the building.
  8. Please sanitise hands when entering/leaving the building, using the dispensers provided.
  9. Please wear a face mask when walking through the building and in all communal areas, unless you are exempt.
  10. Keep left when moving around the building.
  11. Please maintain a two-metre social distance from staff and other building users.
  12. As Community Base is unable to sanitise the rooms between bookings, we ask that all room users use the anti-bacterial cleaning products available in the rooms (on furniture and areas that have been touched such as door handles), before and after each meeting.
  13. Meeting organisers/hosts are responsible for supervising the participants of your meetings and advising them of these guidelines.
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