Meeting room hire FAQ’s

What room use guidelines do you have with regard to Covid-19?

When using the meeting rooms in Community Base, please note our guidelines in relation to Covid-19:

  1. Our reception opening times have changed to Monday to Thursday 9.00am – 4.30pm, and reception will be closed at lunch time.
  2. Please do not visit the building if you have any Covid-19 symptoms.
    Due to physical distancing, the small meeting rooms can accommodate two people and the Conference Room 12 people.
  3. If possible, please make your way directly to your booked meeting room via the South Wing door rather than going through the main reception entrance.
  4. Please make arrangements for meeting participants to be received via the intercom on the South Wing door or by going to meet them to escort them through the building.
  5. Please sanitise hands when entering/leaving the building, using the dispensers provided.
  6. Please wear a face mask when walking through the building and in all communal areas, unless you are exempt.
  7. Keep left when moving around the building.
  8. Please maintain a two-metre social distance from staff and other building users.
  9. As Community Base is unable to sanitise the rooms between bookings, we ask that all meeting room users use the anti-bacterial cleaning products available in the rooms (on furniture and areas that have been touched such as door handles), before and after each meeting.
  10. Meeting organisers/hosts are responsible for supervising the participants of their meetings and advising them of these guidelines.

What meeting rooms can I hire at Community Base?

Community Base has three high quality, affordable meeting rooms for hire in the heart of Brighton, seven days a week – our South Wing conference room and two smaller meeting rooms, South Wing two and South Wing three.

Our South Wing conference room has a capacity of 100, a sound system, video/dvd player, projector and screen, facilities for computer presentations, wireless internet access, a wheelchair accessible toilet, baby changing facilities, a balcony, an induction loop and beautiful views over Brighton. Our two smaller meeting rooms, South Wing two and South Wing three, each have whiteboards and a capacity of 12.

What kitchen/catering facilities do you have?

Our conference room kitchen has reusable mugs, tumblers, plates and cutlery and a sink for washing up. As part of our commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of activities at Community Base we insist that no throwaway plates, cutlery or cups are used in our conference room. We supply washing up liquid, tea towels and recycling/rubbish bins. If you are running a large event, you may want to bring extra washing up liquid, tea towels and bin bags. There are no kitchen facilities for our smaller meeting rooms.

You can arrange for buffet food to be delivered to events in our conference room. If you do you should arrange for your caterer to go to Community Base’s South Wing entrance and ring the conference room on the entryphone (1555) so you can let them in remotely.

How do I hire a meeting room at Community Base?

Before you can book a Community Base meeting room you need to appoint a named contact person responsible for all matters, including payment, relating to your group’s bookings. This contact person needs to register by completing and signing our Room Hire Agreement Form and sending us the completed form using our our Room Booking Account Request Form. We will need the hard copy but you can scan and email it to us initially if your booking is urgent as we cannot hold bookings.

Once we have received your group’s agreement form we will set up an account for you on our online room booking system. If Brighton and Hove City Council are paying for your booking you need to include a valid council payment code when you book.

How do I get into Community Base when your reception is closed?

You need to get an access card from our reception which you can contact on (01273) 234000 and which is normally open Monday to Friday, 8.30am-4.30pm.

Can I get into the conference room before the time I have booked it for to set up?

No. You can only use meeting rooms at Community Base during the times you have booked them. If you need time to set up or clear up you should include this time in your booking.

What is the conference room equipment cupboard?

Our conference room equipment cupboard has a sound system and a cd/dvd player linked to our projector.

How do I pull down the conference room projector screen?

You should use the button on the column in the centre of the room to pull the projector screeen down – DO NOT try to pull the projector screen down manually.

How do I work the conference room projector?

    1. Lower the projector screen using the control switches on the column in the middle of the room
    2. Press the BLACK POWER BUTTON on the underside of the projector to turn it on
    3. Press the BUTTON ABOVE THE WORD SOURCE on the projector until the correct input is selected
    4. If you are displaying information from a laptop connect your laptop to the projector using one of the ports on the back of the projector.
    5. If you are showing a VHS video or DVD switch on the video/DVD unit in the equipment cupboard, switch on the amplifier in the equipment cupboard ensuring that the CD/DVD light is on, turning the source knob until it is, insert a video or DVD and press play
    6. If no image appears on the projector screen use the button on the underside of the projector underneath the word SOURCE to check that you have selected the correct input (for video/DVD select composite)
    1. Switch the projector off by pressing the BLACK POWER BUTTON and then the ENTER BUTTON
    2. Raise the projector screen.

Can I plug my own equipment into the projector?

Yes, our projector has S-Video, HDMI, RGC and DVI-I sockets. However you will need to bring your own cable and, while most laptops work with our projector, we cannot guarantee compatability. If you want sound as well as video from your laptop you will also need to bring your own speakers. You can hire laptops, cables and speakers from SCIP at Community Base – ring them on 01273 234049 for details.

Do you have wifi in your meeting rooms?

Yes, but we cannot be held responsible if it is not working for some reason.

Do you supply flip chart pads?

No. You must bring your own and take them away when you leave.

How should I leave the conference room?

You must leave meeting rooms clean and tidy. There is a sign on the south wall of the conference room explaining how you should leave the conference room chairs and tables when you have finished.

Can I advertise my event in Community Base’s window?

You can advertise your event in the window on the ground floor of the South Wing. You should not put any posters on the South Wing door or the window at right angles to it. Please take posters down once your event is over.

Are there any other rules for using Community Base meeting rooms?

Yes. The Room Hire Agreement Form for use of our meeting rooms that every group hiring our rooms must sign lists a number of conditions for everyone hiring our meeting rooms that you must abide by.

Want to hire somewhere else in Brighton and Hove?

Community Base hosts Brighton and Hove Venue Search, an online database of rooms and halls for hire across Brighton and Hove.