Navigating the easing of covid restrictions

With Monday 19th July signifying a a lifting of many of the covid-19 restrictions in the UK, it’s understandably an anxious time for many.

Here is a summary of currently what rules are changing from Monday, taken from Simple Politics :

      Copywrite and credit Simple Politics 

However to add to this if you are travelling in to London on London Transport (including bus, train and overground), you will continue to have to wear masks , it will be a condition of travel. Simple Politics is a great resource for the most up to date political news, which is presented in a accessible way. They update every time the rules and guidance changes.

Brighton and Hove                                                                                                                           

For an update on statistics locally, information on booking a PCR test, vaccinations, support and help relating to Covid-19 , the council’s website is the best resource for this.

Tips for navigating this time:

We have compiled a list of tips for navigating this time of change, and how best to keep yourself and others safe.

  • Continue to wear a face mask if you can, to protect yourself and others. Especially indoors and in crowded spaces.
  • Use hand sanitiser and wash your hands when you get home, arrive at work, get to a restaurants etc.
  • Making sure if you are meeting people inside the room is well ventilated.
  • Discuss with friends and family / work what you feel comfortable doing before restrictions lift.
  • Book a PCR test if you have symptoms
  • Age 18- 29 in Brighton and Hove? Get a free asymptomatic PCR test! Brighton Council have set up mobile testing units around the city centre and are asking everyone aged 18-29 to come forward to help stop the spread of Covid-19. Further information on their website.
  • If possible, choose quieter times to go food shopping, go to post office etc
  • Regular lateral flow tests, it is recommended you test twice a week. You can currently order tests online for free or collect from many local pharmacies .
  • Stay connected to friends and family and support groups online, if you don’t want to meet in person yet, zoom is great for this.
  • Headspace are offering some free meditations around covid-19 anxiety, which may be useful as restrictions lift.

Feeling anxious?


All information is correct at the time of publishing this blog post 14/07/21. Please note the government guidelines do keep changing, so we would recommend checking their website, for current guidance.