Helping with aid for Refugees

We have had a few enquires on where to donate practical aid for refugees . Please find links to different local charities below:

  • Food donations, toiletries, and cleaning products for the  local refugee food bank. Current item list: rice, pasta, tinned fish, cooking oil, tins of chopped tomatoes, chickpeas, lentils, washing detergent, shower gel, shampoo, hand soap and toothpaste (adult and children). Please email or call 01273 328598 to arrange drop-off.


  • For clothes, toiletries and similar donations, please contact Care4Calais who will distribute to refugees and asylum seekers in need, both in the Brighton & Hove area and nationally. They also regularly seek volunteers to support them.


  • For toys and other children’s items, please consider donating to: Pelican Parcels who take pre-loved and new item donations for babies and children up to age of 10, and redistribute them to families facing financial hardship via various existing family services in Brighton & Hove in Sussex. They are having a special drive at the moment to collect moses baskets and baby slings for refugees from Afghanistan: