Free meals for children during half term

A message from Vic Borrill, Director of Brighton & Hove Food Partnership.

You may well have seen there has been a huge response over the weekend to the decision not to offer Free School Meal children a food voucher over the holidays with many restaurants, pubs and cafes offering to help.

The big challenge is going to be letting people who need support know where to find these offers of food so if you work with families please help them to find out about what is on offer.

Here is google list of the restaurants and cafes offering free food to families created by a member of the emergency food network (thank you). There is also this national resource.

As many of the offers from restaurants and pubs are centrally located if you are running a half term activity with vulnerable children on the outskirts of the city I am happy to try to match you up with people who can deliver (likely to be for Wednesday to Friday). Please get in touch to let me know what you are doing.

The simplest message to share is that families struggling with food should call the BHCC Community Hub line on 01273 293 117.

We will keep info up to date on our website, including info on how to get a referral for a food parcel which will be delivered that day or the next day.