Christmas Market 2021

Between Friday 3rd December and Monday 20th December our Online Christmas Market will be open 24 hours a day to support local craftspeople and local charities, groups and non-profit organisations based at or affiliated with Community Base.

There will be space for around 30 stalls in our Christmas Market. If you’d like to apply to become a stall holder please read the guidance notes below carefully and complete the application form.

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Read the guidance notes and watch the stall set up video tutorial »

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Guidance Notes

1. Opening times and other dates

  • Mon 1st November – Stall holder applications open
  • Mon 22nd November – Market opens for new stall holders (i.e. stall holders can start adding products)
  • Fri 3rd December, 9am – Market opens for customers
  • Mon 20th December, midnight – Market closes for customers
  • Tue 21st December – Last day for UK first class post in time for Christmas

2. Stall holder address

Our Christmas Market is for local stall holders only. All stall holders must live at an address with a BN1, BN2, BN3, BN5, BN41, BN42 or BN43 postcode. Stall holders who work or volunteer for an organisation that is a Community Base tenant can use Community Base as their registered address.

3. Helping you setting up your online stall

Setting up your online stall is easy. The video tutorial at the bottom of the page demonstrates the process of setting up your stall holder account and adding your first product. Other videos tutorial will be made available to support other stall management processes, such as creating coupons, managing shipping options, refunds etc.

If you had a stall in our Spring Market then you will not need to go through the set up process again.

4. Helping us promote the Christmas Market

Community Base will be engaging in marketing activities to promote the market but all Community Base tenants and stall holders are also encouraged to promote the market within their networks.

Each stall will have its own homepage with a unique link that can be shared in you promotional emails and on social media.

Stall holders will be able to easily create discount codes to help promote their individual stalls.

We strongly advise stall holders ensure that their product images and descriptions are of a high quality. Community Base will provide some basic guidance to help stall holders create high quality product images and descriptions.

5. Payment process

  • Online payment gateway

    The online payment gateway we use is called Stripe. Stall holders will connect to our Stripe account using an existing Stripe account if they have one, or a Stripe Express account if they don’t. Setting up a Stripe Express account is a simple 5-minute process (see the video below for details).

  • Transaction fee

    All stall holders pay a transaction fee of 2.5% + 25p on every purchase. This includes a Stripe transaction fee of 1.4% + 20p and an Community Base fee of 1.1% + 5p to help us cover our administrative costs.

  • Commission

    A minimum of 5% of every purchase at their stall will be donated to a Community Base charity or group chosen by the stall holder. All donations will be calculated and paid to the selected charity/group in February 2022. Stall holder can choose to set their commission at a higher rate, and donate more to their chosen charity if they wish.

  • Community Base Charity Pot

    Customers will be able to choose to add an additional donation to their purchase. These donations will be added to a Community Base Charity Pot, the proceeds of which will be allocated to Community Base projects and initiatives that support Community Base tenants.

  • Withdrawal of funds

    Stall holders’ income from their orders will be available for withdrawal once they mark their orders as complete. Funds will be transferred on the 10th, 17th and 21st December and usually take about a week to arrive.

6. Terms and conditions for customers

Stall holders must create their own refund, shipping and cancellation/exchange policies. These can be based on template terms and conditions that will be provided by Community Base.

7. Terms and conditions for stall holders

All stall holders will be required to agree to our terms and conditions of use before their stall goes live. These terms and conditions can be reviewed here.

8. Refunds

  • We will not be held responsible in any way for the quality of the products and services sold in the Community Base Christmas Market.
  • We recommend that stall holders operate a strict refund policy.
  • Customers will be able to request refunds via the website, but Community Base will not get involved in refund discussions or disputes.
  • Stall holders will be required to pay refunds directly to the customer.
  • In cases Community Base is at fault (i.e. where the website has not processed a transaction correctly) we will get involved in refund discussions.

9. Complaints

We will investigate any complaints made about stalls by customers or other stall holders. If a complaint is deemed valid then Community Base retain the right to close a stall and, if appropriate, retain monies made from stall sales in order to refund customers.

10. Product types

Stall holders can sell physical products and experiences such as vouchers/tickets for workshops, courses and therapies.

11. Shipping

The Spring Market will allow shipping to UK addresses only. There will be a number of shipping pricing options to cater for different product sizes/weights. Stall holders will have some flexibility over how much to charge their customers for shipping.

12: Video tutorial: How to set up your stall holder account

This 10 minute video takes you through the process of setting up your online stall and adding your first product. More tutorial videos can be found on our stall holder support page.