Navigating the easing of covid restrictions

With Monday 19th July signifying a a lifting of many of the covid-19 restrictions in the UK, it’s understandably an anxious time for many.

Here is a summary of currently what rules are changing from Monday, taken from Simple Politics :

      Copywrite and credit Simple Politics 

However to add to this if you are travelling in to London on London Transport (including bus, train and overground), you will continue to have to wear masks , it will be a condition of travel. Simple Politics is a great resource for the most up to date political news, which is presented in a accessible way. They update every time the rules and guidance changes.

Brighton and Hove                                                                                                                           

For an update on statistics locally, information on booking a PCR test, vaccinations, support and help relating to Covid-19 , the council’s website is the best resource for this.

Tips for navigating this time:

We have compiled a list of tips for navigating this time of change, and how best to keep yourself and others safe.

  • Continue to wear a face mask if you can, to protect yourself and others. Especially indoors and in crowded spaces.
  • Use hand sanitiser and wash your hands when you get home, arrive at work, get to a restaurants etc.
  • Making sure if you are meeting people inside the room is well ventilated.
  • Discuss with friends and family / work what you feel comfortable doing before restrictions lift.
  • Book a PCR test if you have symptoms
  • Age 18- 29 in Brighton and Hove? Get a free asymptomatic PCR test! Brighton Council have set up mobile testing units around the city centre and are asking everyone aged 18-29 to come forward to help stop the spread of Covid-19. Further information on their website.
  • If possible, choose quieter times to go food shopping, go to post office etc
  • Regular lateral flow tests, it is recommended you test twice a week. You can currently order tests online for free or collect from many local pharmacies .
  • Stay connected to friends and family and support groups online, if you don’t want to meet in person yet, zoom is great for this.
  • Headspace are offering some free meditations around covid-19 anxiety, which may be useful as restrictions lift.

Feeling anxious?


All information is correct at the time of publishing this blog post 14/07/21. Please note the government guidelines do keep changing, so we would recommend checking their website, for current guidance. 

Lockdown 3 – virtual challenges

As usual please find links to information here:

  • Government advice here
  • Brighton and Hove Council advice here
  • Healthwatch information here

Local Covid Support: For Covid related support locally please visit : Their website has information and support regarding covid testing, food banks , collecting medicine , rent etc.

This week we are collating virtual challenges and communities you can take part in. Ideal if you are searching for some lockdown competition or a way to connect with others.

  • Healthwalks World Walking Challenge: Wanting to give you daily walk some purpose? Join the Healthwalks World Walking Challenge! and log your steps and miles towards their virtual walk to Everest. Once they reach the summit they will be giving out two prizes of £20 John Lewis vouchers ; one to the person who has walked the furthest and the other to a randomly selected walker, so that even those who aren’t able to walk a lot are in with a chance of winning. It’s really easy to take part, see the simple instructions below. You can also join our Healthwalks World Walking Challenge! FB group for more details and to share your walks and ideas with others.
  • RUNR ‘Miles for Mind: Miles For Mind is a virtual run bringing people together to raise money & awareness for mental health through running and in 2020, the Miles For Mind community raised over £268,000 for Mind which is incredible! There are four virtual runs throughout the year in February, May, August and November. Full details of how to get involved on their website
  • Great Run Solo : Another running based challenge. Great Run are doing monthly accumulator virtual challenges, with a range of distances to suit different fitness levels. It is a paid for entry , but you will receive a medal on completion.
  • Virtual Studio : Have you ever wished you could be part of an illustration studio, chatting on your tea breaks with other people who love to draw and make things? Look no further than to the Twitter-based Virtual Studio, get artistic inspiration, find out about the latest drawing challenges and see what other people are making! See website for full details, it’s a lovely inclusive project and community founded by Sarah McIntyre.
  • Lockdown Reading Challenge :If you have set yourself a lockdown reading challenge and aren’t sure what to read next, The Storygraph, is a black owned website and appp that generates book suggestions based on questions you answer. Other users also set reading challenges.

We hope that you enjoy any of the challenges that you get involved in.

Stay safe.

Lockdown 3 – courses for adults

As usual please find links to information here:

  • Government advice here
  • Brighton and Hove Council advice here
  • Healthwatch information here

Local Covid Support: For Covid related support locally please visit : Their website has information and support regarding covid testing, food banks , collecting medicine , rent etc.

This weeks’ blog post looks at free / low cost course and learning adults can do from home during lockdown.


  • Free Opening University Courses : The OU has a range of free courses available on it’s website
  • WEA Courses – WEA ‘Adult Learning Within Reach’ has a variety of courses, many of which are low cost and dependent on your circumstances it may be free too. Further info on free courses here.
  • Learn a new language Duolingo is an intuitive easy to use and free app for language learning, with lessons in French to Vietnamese.
  • Open Strings Music Courses – free online, practical music training sessions for home and frontline carers of people living with dementia. These are funded by the NHS through the Ageing Well Partnership (BHCC). Further info and booking on their eventbrite.
  • Brighton Met Free Online Courses – Currently offering some free accredited, qualification courses on their website.
  • Instructables – a great community run website for learning how to make and create. Lots of project from craft, to carpentry and cooking. There is also a section for projects to do with kids.

Lockdown 3 – resources for Wellbeing

Continuing on from last weeks resource post, and with today being ‘Blue Monday’, we wanted to collate information regarding to wellbeing. We know this time of year can be particularly difficult, especially with lockdown too.

As usual please find links to information here:

  • Government advice here
  • Brighton and Hove Council advice here
  • Healthwatch information here

Local Covid Support:

For Covid related support locally please visit : Their website has information and support regarding covid testing, food banks , collecting medicine , rent etc.

Wellbeing in Lockdown:

  • Mind – for info regarding coronavirus and wellbeing Mind have a post containing tips, and also lots of links to support if needed.
  • Brighton and Hove Wellbeing Service – If you are worried about your own or someone elses’ mental health you can self refer via the website.
  • How to Manage Anxiety in Face of a Global Pandemic Podcast with Dr Judson Brewer – This podcast ,with Dr Chatterjee interviewing Dr Judson Brewer, recorded in the first lockdown is still as relevant and useful now. Also Dr Chatterjee has lots of other podcast which may be very helpful in this time.
  • Ageing Well – for those aged 50 plus across Brighton and Hove. Lots of services to help your needs alongside supporting physical and emotional health. They also produce downloadable activity packs.
  • Headspace – currently offering free subscription to NHS staff and  teachers / educators, and free two weeks for everyone else.
  • Get Sleepy Podcast – If you are struggling to sleep, get sleepy is a free podcast that provided relaxing bed time stories for grown ups.
  • Yoga with Adriene – Many reports outline the positive impact of yoga on body and mind. Yoga with Adriene is a great place to start and is free.
  • Daily Walk / dose of nature: If possible (and within the restrictions) a walk and spending time in nature can really boost our mood.
  • Gardening : If you are lucky enough to have a garden, or even a sunny window sill gardening can be great for wellbeing, especially as it gives a sense of hope planning for the future. If you want to ‘Grow Your Own’ fruit and veg, the RHS has a handy free planner here, so you can start planning for the year ahead.
  • Exercise at home: The NHS has complied lots of exercises you can do at home.
  • Reading and Audiobooks:  Reading and listening to audio books are a good way to switch off and you can access them for free to download through Brighton and Hove libraries, and other local library services.
  • My Life Mindfulness App – a great app that has a free option, with a big focus on wellbeing.

*If you need to talk someone don’t forget The Samaritans are there 24 hours a day 365 days a year, you can call 116 112 free or email (just to note response time for email is 24 hours).

Lockdown 3 – resources for homeschooling

We hope everyone is keeping safe and well during this difficult time.

As we are currently in lockdown 3, we wanted to begin collating resources that may be useful for you and your family during this time. Each post will focus on a different subject – today it’s homeschooling.

As usual please find links to information here:

  • Government advice here
  • Brighton and Hove Council advice here
  • Healthwatch information here

Local Covid Support:

For Covid related support locally please visit : Their website has infomation and support regarding testing, food banks , collecting medicine , rent etc.


As many parents are hone schooling again, we have listed some great free website / videos.

  • BBC Bitesize  – Lessons for ages 3 to 16 + , lots of videos, and practical activities to aid with home learning
  • BBC Teach – live and pre recorded lessons from popular BBC presenters, for primary and secondary school.
  • Horrible Histories – is being shown on TV and iplayer as part of the BBC’s home learning programme.
  • PE with Joe Wicks –  Joe is back from this week (11th Jan) with more lockdown PE lessons. He will be live on Youtube Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at 9am. However videos can be watched anytime. Plus his last series of PE with Joe is still on his youtube.
  • Timetable – If you are looking for a free printable timetable to help with planning , this one linked from ‘Days Out with Kids’ is very good.
  • Phonics International – are currently offering free lockdown resources on their website for children 3+.
  • Borrow free electronic books and audiobooks for children (and yourself!)- via local library. If you are based in Brighton and Hove, click here for instructions on accessing Borrow Box  If you don’t have a free library card you can sign up for this online too.
  • Headspace for Kids – currently offering free trial to their meditation app for children, to help with calm, sleep , focus, kindness and wake up!
  • Sussex Wildlife Trust free activities – lots of resources and activities to connect with nature from home.
  • Youtube Free school- videos on a host of subjects ranging from maths to Mozart.
  • Wow Science – lots of science activities and experiments for primary school children that you can do at home.
  • Tate for Kids – art activities, quizzes and learning on Tate Moderns’ website.

Next week we will share wellbeing and exercises resources.


New National Lockdown 5th November

As you are probably aware we are going in to another National Lockdown on the 5th November. We will resume our Covid-19 updates page whilst the Community Base Reception continues to remain closed. Just to note the majority of charities at Community Base as still operating, but for lots of organisations this may be remotely.

We will share resources that may be useful, this will be weekly on a Wednesday, but we will update more frequently if needs be.

As usual please find links to information here:

  • Government advice here
  • Brighton and Hove Council advice here
  • Healthwatch information here

Coronavirus Help Directory

Accessing Food:

  • Please see this post from Food Partnership regarding accessing Free and Low Cost Food during the Coronavirus Pandemic.
  • Ageing Well has a brilliant resource on Shopping and Accessing Food, covering everything from Supermarket deliveries to local support.

Local Services:

Mental Health:

  • If you are struggling with your Mental Health, Mind Brighton and Hove are an excellent contact.
  • Brighton and Hove Wellbeing Services allows you to self refer to the service.
  • Finally if you need to talk to someone the Samaritans are open 24 hours a day. Call 116 123 for free or email (response time for emails is 24 hours.)

Free meals for children during half term

A message from Vic Borrill, Director of Brighton & Hove Food Partnership.

You may well have seen there has been a huge response over the weekend to the decision not to offer Free School Meal children a food voucher over the holidays with many restaurants, pubs and cafes offering to help.

The big challenge is going to be letting people who need support know where to find these offers of food so if you work with families please help them to find out about what is on offer.

Here is google list of the restaurants and cafes offering free food to families created by a member of the emergency food network (thank you). There is also this national resource.

As many of the offers from restaurants and pubs are centrally located if you are running a half term activity with vulnerable children on the outskirts of the city I am happy to try to match you up with people who can deliver (likely to be for Wednesday to Friday). Please get in touch to let me know what you are doing.

The simplest message to share is that families struggling with food should call the BHCC Community Hub line on 01273 293 117.

We will keep info up to date on our website, including info on how to get a referral for a food parcel which will be delivered that day or the next day.





Postponing reception reopening

We hope everyone is doing well.

Due to rising number of cases the opening of reception will be postponed and reviewed in October. There’s been a lot of discussion around the risk and in light of the numbers rising to the levels seen in May and with testing being increasingly difficult to access, this is the only option while maintaining a duty of care.

Don’t forget if you need signposting you can still contact our reception on 01273 234000 or by email at Alternatively we have a service search on our website here : . All the Community Base team are still working, so do get in touch if you need us.

We will continue to update our website plus social media regarding reopening and hope to see everyone back at Community Base soon.


Community Base Reopening

Hi everyone,

We are pleased to let you know that Community Base will officially be reopening our reception on Monday 14th September, not the 7th as originally planned.

Our opening times have changed to Monday to Thursday 8.30am – 4.30pm, and we will be closing at lunch time.

Due to health and safety measures there has been some changes including our opening times.

  • When arriving at reception please use the intercom outside to speak to reception. You will then be let into the building or asked to wait outside if you are here for an appointment
  • Santise your hands when entering the building, using the dispensers provided.
  • Please wear a face mask, unless you are exempt.
  • Keep left when moving around the building.
  • If possible phone, email or check our website before visiting, as we may be able to answer your enquiry online or over the phone. Our contact details are  (01273) 234000 or by email at
  • Maintain 2 metre social distance from staff and other building users.
  • Also please don’t visit the building if you have any covid-19 symptoms.

Wednesday 18th July Update

Hi all,

We hope everyone is keeping well.

As usual please find links to information here:

  • Government advice here
  • Brighton and Hove Council advice here
  • Healthwatch information here


  • Regarding reopening our reception please see our planning reopening post here. Further details to follow but we have a provisional reopening date for reception of Monday 7th September.


  • Mind are continuing to produce their weekly wellbeing tips. Please find the tip sheet on ‘Connecting’ here.
  • NHS post on Mental Wellbeing whilst staying at home, lots of resources here.


  • Age UK West Sussex, Brighton & Hove is asking people who are handy with a needle and thread to make some reusable cotton face masks for the charity to distribute to older people locally. The masks will go to people accessing the charity’s services, many of whom may be on a low income or beginning to come out of isolation after a long period in lockdown.  Further info here.

Search for space:

  • Food Partnership have been providing food for emergency food parcels from a central hub based at Hove Park School for the last few months. They are providing about 500 food parcels a week out of this space but have to leave so that the school can re-open. They are looking for space on either a temp or permanent basis – a church hall, day centre, community hall or event space that isn’t being used would be perfect. For further info or if you have any leads do call Vic on 07967 018 402 or email